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Death By Astral Projection

by J57

I live the life I want, not what others expect Off the grid in the woods, no calls, no text Go hit up Jus ‘cause you cant get in touch Now they’re all in their feelings and I don’t give no fucks Time waits for no man - Ain’t nothin’ is normal, no rules, the whole world’s been programmed Arcturian starseed evolved from the literature Legacy intact left my mark like a ligature This is all that I am ’til I’m buried in a plot They were tryin’ for me, son , is that all that you got? I ain’t goin’ nowhere They’re funny like Colbert Pull up to their building got them calling Code red Each word is ruthless Man, the truth is They sitting there afraid to make a move like Stoop Kid Left a lasting impression thats all for this lesson I’m the J57, Death By Astral Projection
Some of your favorite producers got me producin’ ghosty Some of these rappers blood suckin like Bela Lugosi, mostly Anorexia nervosa They will abandon the culture Right off the bat like it’s Sosa First one to do this, I told ya Made money with HBO, shouts to DonWill and Wyatt Cenac I’m off of the synapse Attention now kidnapped Watchin’ the ring app Tryin’ to find where you hide your bling at Snatch the whip, scratch the VIN out Fuck saying where we rank, I know we been now 6 figures in the bank, about to win now Yeah kid, good lookin’ Family’s eatin’ off what I been cookin’ People waste their time all day on the phone like the brolic dude in bookings  Pro Tools is my Pyrex Now they watch like the IRS About the green like my iris Gon’ sleep? Insist Then I am Krueger Brain should be in The Louvre Snare is a ruger Italiano; Ray Liotta Knot The size of Baby Yoda Reporting live, these days are over New York, We pray to God and Hova New York, We pray to God and Hova New York, We pray to God it’s over Drill Bap Real Rap 808 give a peel cap God of the drum and they feel that God of the drum and they feel that
J57: In the cross fire like Joan of Arc We could wage war like Bonaparte Rip their bones apart Better call the Guard Movin’ targets Scatter ‘cross the yard Doin’ it mega like TD Jakes Change the game like PBJ And Frosty Preme We could cause a scene then I Roll up clean as my brand new Beamer Homi Hilfiger let it go with a spark Claimin’ that they’re good, but they roll with a Narc All for the music, it was all from the heart I would fall down hard, did it all for the art And I never gave up They were sleepin’ on me On the mic I caught a body Pull up on ‘em like a Gotti Not debatable And unrelatable Livin’ and paid in full Independent and I put that on my label DrumGod with the BasedGod Bout to take off In Maybach playin’ Mozart, Liszt and late Bach Fuck day job Like BoySand and Aes Rock Rent free on their dome like Lice Micro-dose when I roam the skies Roll the dice, call him Homi Hil Flipped 2 racks into a quarter mill Lil B: Shouts to J57 PBJ, Homi Hilfiger, we up in heaven Do everything, this is astral These projections, you see me, it’s less than a blessing’ But it’s more, let me talk about my confessions, what’s inshore Know Lil B, can’t nobody be the BasedGod So let’s talk about this And I said, I know A-Rod Pain when I sip some coffee walking into Starbucks You know I’m heartless Figurin’ out where I am and where I started Sometimes I forget, this money got me in a bliss Them chips, no Ruffles, I never ruffle my feathers I never mumble, I stay humble Fuck ‘em, if they wanna arrest me I got more than a concussion for ‘em This is how we live I said, this is how we give Lil B’s my friend and my relative I understand we do what we gotta do to get in Safe place and safe space You play with me, I put you in a whole ‘nother outer space This is my case that I’m presenting I know Lil B the BasedGod, that’s in my vision
Mars Hill 01:53
Another nightmare; night terror Most original in the fold of my era I changed my ways, but I’m a natural born sinner If they ever ran their mouth, they could be my dinner Woulda had a bullseye on ‘em With the rope around their neck, with the suicide on ‘em We could pull up at the pin-drop, we could shoot the heady Don’t forget for a second that I am from the boondocks Ready to scrap for no reason Got a problem, they could leave with their dome leaking I just wanna be alone, far from everybody Live far away, no cars or any money Coolest in the room yet I’m awkward as fuck Used to feel useless, loosing and stuck They’re assuming their doom if they’re actin’ all buck I’m exhumed in a tomb on loop playing Ruck Draped in pharaoh garments of Ferragamo Fahrenheit high like hide your fever Playing music in the shadows like Phantom of the Opera Now I’m feeling like I’m drowning and I’m pinned to the bottom of a bottle ’til I’m gone
Ice Castles 01:57
Rather pay more tax than not have equality I’m cut from the branch of Ghost rockin’ wallabees Telefon Tel Aviv, I put that on Elohim Yeah I’m that kid they all said killed that Preemo Beat Uh-huh, they’re sheep with the music and they’re following the trends True to my core, ’til the coffin, the end I evolved into the person that’s the reason I was sent We all just need some time to grow Of all people, I should know Recharge the pineal Verified like signed-sealed Better keep their eyes pealed, in my view Now we’re talking about homes? I copped two Better watch for the ones in costume We all make mistakes, better watch for the snakes Seen it all in my time, I am not new


My manager Justin aka PBJ & I have been working on a clothing line/merch together for a while. He hit me up saying it was time to execute our plan and that I should put together a new EP to coincide with the release of our (hat) pins & clothing line. So, I created this entire EP from scratch; the beats, the lyrics, vocals, added violinists & LIL B, and hit up Tom Bates to draw the cover art. We did this to give people something to look forward to / a form of escapism, so I created a dreamworld for people to entrench themselves in sonically & Jus designed the perfect physical/tangible pieces of clothing to go along with it.

I sampled two d.catalano songs on this project: “The Fortune Tellers Body” & “The World Is Strange And There Is Pain All Around” which are both from one of my favorite albums of all time; “Human Noise” (by d.catalano) which is available on all streaming platforms via FiveSe7en Collective/Soulspazm.

Cover art is the unveiling of my robot; The JBOT.  The robot is my astral projection, somewhere in the galaxy with pyramids behind him. It’s also a "Punisher" LP homage/flip that Tom brought to another word on another level.


released April 19, 2022

1. Death By Astral Projection (Prod. By J57 & Sample: d.catalano “The Fortune Tellers Body“ from “Human Noise”)
2. DRILL BAP (Prod. By J57)
3. Homi Hilfiger (Prod. By J57) featuring LIL B
4. Strange World (Prod. By J57 & Sample: d.catalano “The World Is Strange And There Is Pain All Around” from “Human Noise”)
5. Mars Hill (Prod. By J57, Violin By Valerie Vuolo & Joylin)
6. Ice Castles (Prod. By J57)


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