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from Death By Astral Projection by J57



Produced By: J57


In the cross fire like Joan of Arc
We could wage war like Bonaparte
Rip their bones apart
Better call the Guard
Movin’ targets
Scatter ‘cross the yard
Doin’ it mega like TD Jakes
Change the game like PBJ
And Frosty Preme
We could cause a scene
then I Roll up clean as my brand new Beamer
Homi Hilfiger let it go with a spark
Claimin’ that they’re good, but they roll with a Narc
All for the music, it was all from the heart
I would fall down hard, did it all for the art
And I never gave up
They were sleepin’ on me
On the mic I caught a body
Pull up on ‘em like a Gotti
Not debatable
And unrelatable
Livin’ and paid in full
Independent and I put that on my label
DrumGod with the BasedGod
Bout to take off
In Maybach playin’ Mozart, Liszt and late Bach
Fuck day job
Like BoySand and Aes Rock
Rent free on their dome like Lice
Micro-dose when I roam the skies
Roll the dice, call him Homi Hil
Flipped 2 racks into a quarter mill

Lil B:
Shouts to J57
PBJ, Homi Hilfiger, we up in heaven
Do everything, this is astral
These projections, you see me, it’s less than a blessing’
But it’s more, let me talk about my confessions, what’s inshore
Know Lil B, can’t nobody be the BasedGod
So let’s talk about this
And I said, I know A-Rod
Pain when I sip some coffee walking into Starbucks
You know I’m heartless
Figurin’ out where I am and where I started
Sometimes I forget, this money got me in a bliss
Them chips, no Ruffles, I never ruffle my feathers
I never mumble, I stay humble
Fuck ‘em, if they wanna arrest me I got more than a concussion for ‘em
This is how we live
I said, this is how we give
Lil B’s my friend and my relative
I understand we do what we gotta do to get in
Safe place and safe space
You play with me, I put you in a whole ‘nother outer space
This is my case that I’m presenting
I know Lil B the BasedGod, that’s in my vision


from Death By Astral Projection, track released April 5, 2022


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